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    What does provod means in this sentence,and what is Mint?

    S: Gde je najbolji provod u Beogradu?
    - Svuda gde imate dobro društvo, a što se mene tiče, to su Krug, Supermarket i Mint.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    Provod = party, fun, good time.

    Krug, Supermarket and Mint are names of nightclubs. Mint does not mean anything in BCS, it was possibly borrowed from English, or just a name that sounded good to the owner.
  3. mmbata

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    Be careful :)

    provod = fun
    sprovod = funeral

  4. Lanmi New Member

    Serbian - Serbia
    Additionally, "provod" can be used less specifically, so that "loš provod" can mean "a bad time", but the word "provod/provesti (se)" can further be extended so that "loše smo se proveli" can mean both "we had a bad time" or "we fared bad", so to say.

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