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servicios prestados

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by MCGF, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. MCGF

    MCGF Senior Member

    Southern Spain
    Spain, spanish
    A ver, tengo que decir algo así como Servicios que presta nuestra empresa /
    Servicios prestados

    Rended services?? :confused:

  2. Snita Senior Member

    Spanish Spain
    'rendered', I think
  3. Talant

    Talant Senior Member

    Hi MCGF,

    I'd recommend "Services provided" but it might be wise to wait fort other opinions.

    Hope it helps
  4. Carlos Martínez Riera

    Carlos Martínez Riera Senior Member

    Spain / Spanish
    'Servicios prestados' es una sintagma muy usado en español, pero que no traduce literalmente bien en inglés. De ahí que te proponga las alternativas siguientes:

    Servicios que presta:
    Services on offer
    Our services
    Company_name offers you the following services
    Company_name offers the following services

    Servicios prestados:
    Successful Projects
    Previous projects
    Previous work
    Previous contracts
    Concluded contracts

  5. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    UK English
    I like the sound of Carlos' post which makes a lot of sense to me. Services rendered is a set phrase which is mostly used on invoices. Services rendered also brings to mind transactions between a client and a sex worker, not the sort of thing you would want to associate your company with.
  6. MCGF

    MCGF Senior Member

    Southern Spain
    Spain, spanish
    Ok. I'll take one of his options, I didn't know that rendered services had that connotation, I'll bear in mind :eek:

    Thank you, all.
    Emecé :)
  7. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    UK English
    I think it is another way of describing.. ejem "extras".
  8. Madelonga Junior Member

    I agreed with services offered

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