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  1. cottontige New Member

    comment on dit en anglais:
    "si jamais il aurait ça..."
  2. Gutenberg

    Gutenberg Senior Member

    Province de Québec, Canada
    français international
    en français :
    Si jamais il avait ça...
  3. llaura01 Senior Member

    Should he ever have this,
  4. Pticham Senior Member

    En anglais, "If he ever had that..." mais cela dépend du contexte comme toujours!
  5. llaura01 Senior Member

    si jamais évoque l'idée d'une hypothèse très peu semblable donc should est mieux.
  6. cottontige New Member

    si jamais il y aurait ce service...
  7. Shang Qin Li

    Shang Qin Li Senior Member

    French Alps
    UK born Live in France English

    Sorry dear cottontige,
    Can't use the the conditional with "si" in the same phrase
    Take a look at the Grammar section
    But just to put you in the picture:
    "Si j'avais de l'argent, je m'achèterais une Ferrari"
    ... that would be nice, wouldn't it ?

    I forgot: could we have the context of your original sentence ?

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