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siitä, kun

Discussion in 'Suomi (Finnish)' started by littlemonyou, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. littlemonyou Senior Member

    Tällä viikolla on kulunut kaksi vuotta siitä, kun tulin Suomeen.

    Moikka! Is it correct if I understood the "siitä, kun" part as "since when"? I only know that siitä can mean either "about it" or "of it", and I find it pretty difficult to apply here in this example.
  2. Gavril Senior Member

    English, USA
    On kulunut kaksi vuotta siitä, kun tulin Suomeen = It has been two years since (the time when) I arrived in Finland.

    The same structure is seen in sentences like

    Minua huolestuttaa se, että hän ei ole vielä soittanut. = The fact that he still hasn't called is worrying me.
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  3. Spongiformi Senior Member

    Emme me suomalaiset aivan niin verkkaisia ole, että kaksi suomalaisen vuotta vastaisi kahta amerikkalaisen viikkoa...
  4. Gavril Senior Member

    English, USA
    Gah. :eek: I can only guess I wrote that because "viikko" appeared earlier in the sentence. I've corrected the post now (thanks).

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