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  1. monalisa! Banned

    What does a Slovak generally understand if I say : daj dresing na šalát, polej šalát dresingom
    What is dresing in your culture?
  2. Azori

    Azori Senior Member

    Dresing (or zálievka) is a sauce, usually for salad. I would think of something like this.
  3. vianie Senior Member

    Essentially, yes.

    Would you like to get a wider info, monalisa! ? :)
  4. monalisa! Banned

    Thanks, I understand you buy it ready-made (?), and it's spicy yoghurt, If so, it' similar to British an d I suppose poliať is not the right verb, as it is rather thick!!

    In Latin countries we make it at home (vinaigrette, vinagreta) , or rather we pour directly onto the salad : olive oil, vinegar/ lemon juice, salt, spices and herbs and....
    Do you have a name for that?, and what is your typical salad made of?
  5. Azori

    Azori Senior Member

    It can be bought ready-made in Slovakia but one can make it at home, too.
    It does not have to be "spicy yoghurt". Those sold in stores here however do seem to look rather yoghurt-/milk-based, in my opinion (example).
    I think poliať is an appropriate verb.
    I'm afraid not.
    I'd say vegetables or fruit mostly, it may also contain meat, cheese...
  6. monalisa! Banned

    Thanks, Azori
    Those sold in stores here however do seem to look rather yoghurt-/milk-based, in my opinion (

    They seem mostly foreign products, what would you poliať on your salad, jf you had no ready-made product at home?
    Or, rather, how did Slovak housewives dress their zmiešaný šalát before they became westernized?
  7. Azori

    Azori Senior Member

    I hardly ever eat salads at home. Perhaps water with some vinegar. :D
    Salads are not really traditional in Slovak cuisine. No idea, really.
  8. jarabina Senior Member

    English - Scotland
    I'm not an expert by any means since I'm not Slovak but for what it's worth this is my experience.

    I think there are basically two kinds of traditional Slovak salads (eaten at home and in school/work canteens)

    (1) mayonnaise-based salads - the classics being zemiakový šalát, parížský šalat, ruské vajce etc

    In my experience people just talk about adding majonézu or tatársku, but that's just my personal experience.

    (2) vinegar-based salads - uhorkový šalát, mrkvový šalát

    Again in my experience the dressings are usually referred to as nálev or zálievka.

    In my native English dressing means anything you dress a salad in. So for me in English parížský šalat and uhorkový šalát both have dressing on them. But interestingly in Slovak I don't call the zálievka on uhorkový šalát dresing, I call it zálievka. I think this is because I don't really hear people calling it dresing (or at least the people I know don't do it). Dresing for me is mayonnaise or yoghurt based. This site also seems to bear this observation out

    But funnily enough last night I happened to notice someone on Slovak TV talking about preparing a 'dresing na šalát'. There was no way of knowing from the context whether it would be mayonnaise/yoghurt based dressing or an oil/lemon juice/vinegar one. So I presume it was being used generically as dressing would be in English. It occurred to me that perhaps dresing may be becoming more common in some circles (given the fashion for English words). I don't know - you would need a Slovak to confirm this, and the distinction that I may have falsely created.
  9. Azori

    Azori Senior Member

    In my experience we don't add anything to these (they already contain mayonnaise).
    They are served only as side dishes, as far as I know. Another one - čalamáda -
    In my opinion, there is no precise definition of what should constitute a "dresing" in Slovak. It's a borrowing from English anyway.
  10. monalisa! Banned

    That is interesting, Azori, I suppose you are too young to remember what existed before 2003 (KSSJ or 2005 SSS), (dresing is not listed in SSJ !!).
    But (you may have noted that) in KSSJ neither nálev nor zálievka are related to food or salads, so , what was dresing za socialismu?
  11. jarabina Senior Member

    English - Scotland
    :DThanks for pointing that the idiocy of my comment! I was thinking about Monalisa's question about what you might call the stuff you dress a salad with when you are making one. But would have helped if I'd quoted the original question...
  12. Azori

    Azori Senior Member

    Nálev and zálievka are certainly used in reference to food. Dresing seems to be a recent word.
  13. monalisa! Banned

    I do not think your comment is nonsense :): "dresing" is first recorded in 2003 and probably started with K-mart a few years before., and of course is ready-made.
    If you buy a bottle of dresing, you probably squeeze it into a bowl an then add the salad, whatever, and mix, the way the English do
    I suppose lettuce salad is not so popular as in Latin countries, bu my question is :
    how do/ did you season a green salad (hlávkový šalát, paradajky a úhorky) and what terms you used before the advent od "dresing", how do you translate to season/ dress,
    you put the dressing in the bowl and then mix it,? then we can't use "poliať, nálev, zálievka"
    and all that jazz..., my threads are made of..
  14. Azori

    Azori Senior Member

    Here is an online dictionary which is based on an earlier edition of Krátky slovník slovenského jazyka. I can't link to the search result but the word dressing is marked as a slang word there (the fourth edition has dresing - not slang anymore).
  15. Azori

    Azori Senior Member

    There are many ways to season a salad. As for what terms were used in the past, my guess would be nálev and omáčka.
    to season = ochutiť
    to dress = ochutiť
    It depends on the person, I think.

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