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    I couln't find trace of this term in Slovak.

    How do you say to lift somebody's face: napnúť kožu na tváre,
    to get / one's face lifted / a face-lifting : dať si odstrániť vrásky .....( as this can be done by other means: botox etc.) ...chirurgicky?

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  2. Azori

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    From online dictionaries: lifting, face-lifting, facelift. These are also used at clinics / centers for plastic surgery in Slovakia - a few examples:
    Just guessing: napnúť kožu tváre; vyhladiť vrásky. If speaking about the person (surgeon) who would do the surgery then perhaps: urobiť lifting; vykonať lifting.
    Maybe: nechať / dať si vyhladiť vrásky; nechať / dať si urobiť lifting; podstúpiť vyhladenie vrások / lifting...
  3. monalisa! Banned

    thanks, Azori
  4. Azori

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    Some context and background information could help.

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