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    Both ročaj and ročica are translated as "handle" in the dictionary, but if I understand correctly, ročica is a more technically specific term.

    What would be an example of a "handle" that could be described by ročica, but not by ročaj? And vice versa?

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    SSKJ defines ročica as "podolgovat, na enem koncu pritrjen del priprave, stroja, s katerim se sproži, uravnava delovanje te priprave, stroja." In other words, ročica is a type of handle that activates or controls something, whereas ročaj (defined by SSKJ as "del priprave, zlasti posode, namenjen za držanje z rokami" and "manjša priprava za držanje, oprijemanje") is a type of handle that you would grab to pick something up (such as a pot or a pan) or support yourself (in a bathroom, for instance).
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    Not directly asked, but ročica is also a diminutive of roka (hand), and it could be used in romantic descriptions like Prijel jo je za ročico. Here ročaj can not be used.
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