snakes = Crawl / slither?

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  1. esl student Senior Member

    If I want to say
    "Snakes don`t have legs so they can`t walk, they crawl/slither"
    What would be the correct way.
  2. Dario de Kansas

    Dario de Kansas Senior Member

    Kansas, USA
    American English
    Slither. :tick:

    You have to have legs to crawl. :)
  3. bailarín

    bailarín Senior Member

    Ciudadano del mundo
    English (USA)
    I agree with Kansas. Snakes slither. Spiders crawl. However, sometimes people are compared to snakes in a derogatory sense; for example, "there's a whole bunch of lawyers slithering around here" (You could also substitute "crawling" here to compare them to spiders or whatever animal or insect that crawls). In other words, to dehumanize someone. I'm just making a counterpoint that you can have legs and still be able to slither. That, and take a potshot at lawyers.

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