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    What is the difference between social imaginary an social belief?
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    It's hard to say. Social imaginary looks like a term from academic writing. Social belief may have a similarly precise use.

    Please give us the sentence in which you saw these, and enough Context and Background for us to understand what is being discussed. (Don't forget to name the source of any quoted material.)
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    I have seen "social imaginary" in Elements of cinema by Robert Bird.Moreover I have seen "soviet imaginary" in book too.Can i substitute "belief" with "imaginary"?Is there any differences between them?
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    No, I don't think you should do that.

    We need a complete sentence and more context to say what 'social imaginary' is, but the meaning is not the same as what 'social belief' means in English.
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    As Cagey said in post # 2, both terms sound like they have precise meanings in academic writing, and from what you say, it appears they are used in film criticism. Perhaps if you follow Cagey's request to give us the source of the quotes and some background and context, we might be able to offer a more informed answer.

    In everyday English, 'belief' cannot be substituted with 'imaginary'. One is a noun, and the other is an adjective'.


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