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some days

Discussion in 'English Only' started by JungKim, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. JungKim Senior Member

    Generally, someday (AE) or some day (BE) indicates "at some time in the future".

    Now, can it also mean "at some time in the past"?

    Or should it always be plural to mean at some time in the past"?

    "Some days I want to scream and holler, shout, punch something. Some days I think he's going to come through the door."
  2. lucas-sp Senior Member

    English - Californian
    "Someday" means "at some time in the future": "Someday, all this will be yours."

    You're asking about "some days." That's entirely different. That means "some of the time": on some days, X happens, but on other days, Y happens. "Some days" is the same as "sometimes." Both mean "at certain times in the present" when used with a present-tense verb.
  3. JungKim Senior Member

    So when you mean "at some time in the future", you can't put "on" in front of "someday" or "some day", can you?

    On the other hand, you can either put "on" in front of "some days" or leave it out?
  4. lucas-sp Senior Member

    English - Californian
    No, we do not say "on someday."

    It is possible, however, to use "on some days..." Do you have any particular examples of this usage you'd like to discuss?
  5. JungKim Senior Member

    No, I don't. I just noticed that you used "on some days" in post #2. :D
  6. lucas-sp Senior Member

    English - Californian
    "On this day..."
    "On days like this..."
    "On some days..."

    All are possible. None are related to "someday."

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