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  1. nika2005 New Member

    ¿quÉ Significa Splotch? "she Had A Splotch Under Her Breast"
  2. garryknight Senior Member

    Kent, UK
    UK, English
    'Splotch' (o 'Splodge' en Inglaterra) significa 'mancha' o 'borrón'.
  3. yolanda_van huyck Senior Member

    yo lo traduciría como una mancha en la piel

  4. Book Hunter

    Book Hunter Junior Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    ¿Una peca tal vez?
  5. Lis48

    Lis48 Senior Member

    York, England
    English - British
    Without any more context, I would assume splotch referred to an irregular mark on her blouse/dress just below her breast not on her bare skin e.g. a splotch of ketchup or paint.

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