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  1. juliano Senior Member

    French - France

    It's a video about a spatial mission and the launch of a rocket. The operator says:

    "We have lift off. of the Falcon 9, Falcon 9 has cleared the tower. Starting pitch 6. All the power systems are normal."

    > French: "Le Falcon 9 a décollé, Falcon 9 a dépassé la tour de contrôle. Commencement du signal / lancement (?) 6. Tous les systèmes d'alimentation sont normaux."

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  2. djara

    djara Senior Member

    Sousse, Tunisia
    Tunisia Arabic
    One of the definitions of the word pitch as a noun is "relative point, position, or degree"
  3. juliano Senior Member

    French - France
    Thanks for the precision.

    I found that on Wikipedia:

    Maybe "starting pitch 6" refers to that?
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  4. bing181 Senior Member

    English (Australian)
    Pitch = angle of inclination, as in post #2. Also used with aircraft (pitch angle).
  5. Kelly B

    Kelly B Senior Member

    USA English
    In airplane motion/flight dynamics you have roll/roulis, pitch/tangage, and yaw/lacet, but I'm not sure whether it's the same word in rocketry.
    (edit: in your context starting = initial : au démarrage, peut-être ? ou juste après ?)
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  6. juliano Senior Member

    French - France
    Thanks everybody!

    @Kelly B: Yes the operator says "sarting pitch 6" just after the launch of the rocket.

    So it would be something like "angle d'attaque (à) 6 (degrés)"?

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