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suaje de acero

Discussion in 'Specialized Terminology' started by Fulamuso, Nov 19, 2005.

  1. Fulamuso Junior Member

    English, USA
    Field and topic:
    Does anyone know how to translate 'suaje' in the field of metal mechanics? There is little other context.


    Sample sentence:
  2. Enrique Espinosa Junior Member

    San Luis Potosí, México
    Mexico, Spanish
    Swage: A large rectangular block of cast iron used by a blacksmith. It is pierced through with numerous holes, both round and square in section, for the reception of work that requires shouldering.

    Un suaje es un molde con líneas para corte. La palabra en Inglés es swage, como queda dicho. El dato proviene del siguiente diccionario: http://xmlwords.infomine.com/xmlwords.htm?term=rhyolite&action.x=33&action.y=8

    Es de ayuda???

  3. Fulamuso Junior Member

    English, USA
    Si! Me ayuda mucho. Gracias otra vez.
  4. PINFIKLEIN New Member

    mexican spanish
    Suaje en ingles es Forged die , tambien se utiliza el termino cutting die, en asia cutting mould etc..saludos
  5. arkenvolt Junior Member

    Calgary, AB
    Mexican Spanish
    Probablemente la traduccion para suaje que estes buscando sea:
    "die cast mold"
  6. PINFIKLEIN New Member

    mexican spanish
    Suaje tambien lo encontraras como. Steel rule dies o forged dies, pero swage es otro tipo de moldeo que no tiene nada que ver con suaje

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