1. verocel Member

    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Spanish / Argentina

    El otro día encontré en el diccionario que un "submarine" es también un sandwich hecho en pan tipo baguette. En Argentina, le llamamos "submarino" a una bebida caliente hecha en un vaso largo de leche caliente donde se sumerge una barrita de chocolate. ¿Alguien sabe como se llama esta bebida en inglés?

  2. Hola Verocel,

    It's called, simply, 'submarine chocolate'.

  3. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    UK English
  4. Gizmo77

    Gizmo77 Senior Member

    Spain - Spanish
    In Spain, we call them "bocadillos" o "bocatas"(informal).

    PS: A "submarine" is also used as a slang word, when referring to the act of people smoking pot in a closed room, getting stoned due to smoking and of course the sultry atmosphere.
  5. lafert Senior Member

    at the edge
    Spanish Uruguay
    Sorry to put this word in, but it must be said. The "submarine" is also a technique of torture. The "submarine" is the inmersion, by force, of someone´s head in a buckett of water. Used on the people during the "dictaduras" in these parts of the world.
  6. cirrus

    cirrus Senior Member

    UK English
    I know the usage in Spanish, but I am not sure whether we use it in English. EDIT: Oh yuck I have just googled and it is there. What a hideous thing to do to someone.
  7. lafert Senior Member

    at the edge
    Spanish Uruguay
    Yes. Hideous and sad. It has taken the joy out of Hot Submarinos con chocolate, for me. I can´t help making the association. Luckily, the great Subway sandwiches do not bring the subject up for me.
  8. jinti

    jinti Senior Member

    In New York, people call those sandwiches subs (from submarines, of course), but even after 15 years in this city, I still sometimes slip and call them hoagies, which is the Philadelphia word for them.

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