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Suggest IIR links

Discussion in 'Indo-Iranian Languages' started by Frank06, Jun 4, 2007.

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  1. Frank06

    Frank06 Senior Member

    Nederlands / Dutch (Belgium)
    Dear forum members,

    Due to the lack of time, the moderators are unable to review all the valuable links suggested here. To avoid the thread's gathering unnacceptable links that would go unnoticed, we would be grateful for anyone who has a suggestion if he or she uses the "report" feature at the bottom left corner of this post to send us their suggestions.



    Hello posters,

    This thread accepts suggestions for resources that help learners with any of the IIR languages. Contributions, upon approval, are to be listed in IIR Resources Post.

    Please make sure that your suggestions contain the following items:
    a. URL
    b. a short description of the web page: what information it presents, how the info is presented and so on.
    c. one and only one category label
    d. the main language used on the website

    Below is an example contribution:

    Use of this thread
    This thread is maintained only for suggestions. Please check our IIR resources collection before posting suggestions. To do so, click here. In case you find problems with existing links (such as broken links, commercial contents, redundant items etc.), kindly contact a moderator via PM (Personal Message).

    I hope we can all benefit from this asset and contribute to its development.
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  2. SirFrankieCrisp Junior Member

    Southern California
    English - United States
    http://www.akhlesh.com/ - Miscellaneous
    Printable writing booklets, alphabet booklets, pronunciation guide, grammar, and Hindi songs, stories and poems for practice reading. Geared towards preschool-age children, but good for beginning Hindi-learners of any age.
    Main language: English
  3. Anatoli Senior Member

    Melbourne, Australia
    Native: русский (Russian), home country: English
    Google Translate can transliterate a number of languages into Roman letters. Not sure how good it works for Hindi but it's some indication.


    नई दिल्ली
    na'ī dillī
  4. Anatoli Senior Member

    Melbourne, Australia
    Native: русский (Russian), home country: English
  5. ravendark

    ravendark Junior Member

    Domingo de Guzmán
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  6. ravendark

    ravendark Junior Member

    Domingo de Guzmán
  7. Destruida Senior Member

    English (England)
    The site is operated by the Romani Project – a cluster of academic research activities based at the School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures at the University of Manchester.

    The Patrin Web Journal with information, articles and links.(The dropdown menu doesn't work – use links on page.
    http://www.oocities.org/~patrin/glossary.htm Articles about the Roma language, links to books and a short glossary

    “Welcome to my Romani-English/English Romani Dictionary,” but I don't know who posted it. A useful introduction and phrasebook; not scholarly

    Romano Lavo-Lil: word book of the Romany; or, English Gypsy language by George Borrow - December 1, 1873.
    This is famous. You see old copies circulating at carriage sales. I think it was the first time a non-gypsy had taken their language seriously.

    doc=art_e_holocaust_interpretation&lang=en&articles=true On the interpretation of a word: Porrajmos as Holocaust - shades of meaning.

    The lyrics and translation of the anthem

    Romany alphabet (Romani šib)
    This is the official standard alphabet for Romany. It was standardized in 1990 at the Fourth World Romani Congress in Serock, Poland.
    Roma in the Czech Republic - The language of the Roma

    Multi-media Romani course for promotiung linguistic diversity and improving social dialogue:

    Romani Dictionary: Kalderash - English by Ian Hancock - Prefaced by a grammatical primer, containing over 12,000 lexical items, and filled with countless real world examples of idiomatic usage, this book is an indispensable resource for anyone looking to learn or work with Kalderash Romani. Compiled by a native Romani speaker.
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  8. darush Senior Member

    Persian Academy
    - http://www.persianacademy.ir/ - Government body presiding over the use of the Persian language in Iran and other Persian speaking countries serving as a reference for grammar rules and proper usage of words/script.
    Persian only.
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  9. lambdakneit Junior Member

    English - U.S.A., Spanish - México
    http://supriyosen.net/ has an excellent section on conversational Bangla. I think it's a nice find so I would be happy to see it up on the resources page.
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  10. iskander e azam Senior Member

    I have found the following two resources most useful in my attempt to master Urdu:




    Both resources are dictionaries; the former is an Urdu to Urdu dictionary with English translations of the head words (not quite Urdu to English) and the latter suffers from the fact that it collects words from other dictionaries (including Platts) without adequately distinguishing between words that have the same spelling so eg میل has entries under it for all the words that are spelt using those three letters though the meanings bear no relation to one another. Another thing to note about eudict is that it has words from Pakistani Urdu in it. The great strength of urduencyclopedia is that it gives pronunciations for all its Urdu headwords.

    Post Script: www.google.com is an excellent resource if you change its language settings to Urdu and use Urdu script when conducting your searches.

    I hope the above is helpful and breaks none of the site's rules.
  11. Saimdusan Junior Member

    بارسلونا، کاتالونیا
    انگریزی، صربی
    For Punjabi I would recommend the Pattiala dictionary and Shabdkosh. The former has both Gurmukhi and Shahmukhi, the latter only Gurmukhi.
  12. Aryamp

    Aryamp Persimod

    Online Persian Course:
    http://www.learn-persian.com/english/index.php - Vocabulary and sentence collection with audio files and some basic grammar lessons + photos & music of Iran.
    In English/Swedish/German

    http://farsi.tardid.net/ - Interesting weblog-style persian lessons. Contains instructive conversations and covers many grammatical topics.

    Persian Grammar:
    http://sites.la.utexas.edu/persian_online_resources/ - The University of Texas's pedagogical reference grammar, which is organized by main subjects. Grammar points are explained in English, supported by examples in English/phonetic transcription/ فارسی

    http://www.eva.mpg.de/lingua/tools-at-lingboard/pdf/Roberts_PersianGrammarSketch.pdf - A comprehensive grammar book using latin transcription. English

    http://www.dastur.info/#&&Lang=EN&Site=02 - Grammar topics listed on the right panel tree with examples from Persian poetry and classical literature.
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  13. Dib Senior Member

    Bengali (India)
  14. vijay_kumar123 New Member

    India - Punjabi & English
    hello friends i have found a online service which help to convert english letter into punjabi . Here is the link : http[://]shriwaheguru[dot]com
  15. WannaBFluent

    WannaBFluent Senior Member

    French (فرنسي)
    After hours of hard research, I found all these. Notice that some of these books talk about Hinduistani which is the old name of Hindu/Urdu when India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bengal was one country. So somes of these books may contain Persian (Urdu) script.


    A Grammar of the Eastern Hindi Compared with the Other Gaudian Languages - A. F. Rudolf Hoernle

    A Grammar of the Hindi Language - Standard Hindi, Braj and Eeastern Hindi of Ramayan of Tulsi Das and the Colloquial Dialects of Marwar Kumaon, Avadh, Baghelkhand, Bhojpur, and more - Rev. S. H. Kellog

    An Introduction to the Hinduistani Language, Persian and Devanagari Script - J. Shakespear

    Outline of Hindi Grammar with Exercices - Oxford University

    Introductory Manual of the Hindi Language - F. P. Luigi Josa

    Hindi Grammar - Edwin Greaves - LONDON MISSIONARY SOCIETY, BENARES

    A Hindi Primer in Roman Character - J. F. Browne

    A Grammar of the Hiduistani Language in the Oriental and Roman Character - Duncan Forbes

    Hinduistani Self Taught with English Phonetic Pronounciation - Captain C. A. Thimm

    Hinduistani Grammar Self Taught in 4 Parts - Captain C. A. Thimm

    The Syntax and Idioms of Hinduistani - M. Kempson

    A Grammar of the Urdu or Hinduistani Language - John Dowson

    The Hinduistani Language - W. Hooper

    Hinduistani Manual - Lieut. Colonel Phillott

    A Manual of the Hinduistani Language as Spoken in Southern India - Lieut. Colonel A. Curtois

    Hiduistani as it Ought to be Spoken - J. Tweedie

    The Modern Hinduistani Scholar or The Pucca Munshi - Munshi Thakardass Pahwa

    The Foreign Language Institute, Department of State - An Active Introduction to Hindi -D.N. Sharma & J.W. Stones

    The Foreign Language Institute, Department of State - An Active Introduction to Hindi - J.W. Stones & B.G. MacDougall


    Lessons in Colloquial Hindustani for Fiji - Smith Sheela

    Beginners Hindi Writing and Conversation - H. H. Van Olphen - Hindi Urdu Flagship, The University of Texas at Austin

    First Year Hindi Course Volume 1 - H. H. Van Olphen - Hindi Urdu Flagship, The University of Texas at Austin

    First Year Hindi Course Volume 1 WORKBOOK - H. H. Van Olphen - Hindi Urdu Flagship, The University of Texas at Austin

    First Year Hindi Course Volume 2 - H. H. Van Olphen - Hindi Urdu Flagship, The University of Texas at Austin

    Comparative Grammar of the Modern Aryan Languages of India, Hindi, Panjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya and Bengali Volume 1
    John Beames - The University of Calcutta

    Comparative Grammar of the Modern Aryan Languages of India, Hindi, Panjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya and Bengali Volume 2
    John Beames - The University of Calcutta

    Comparative Grammar of the Modern Aryan Languages of India, Hindi, Panjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya and Bengali Volume 3
    John Beames - The University of Calcutta

    Hindi and Urdu Since 1800 - C. Shackle & R. Snell - Study
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