Survival clause

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    Hola a todos!

    Cómo traducirían "survival clause" en español? Cláusula de sobrevivencia?

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    Mucho mejor si colocaras unas líneas de la estipulación que tiene ese título.

    A algunos ejemplos que aparecen en internet, yo los llamaría en general "Vigencia indefinida de ciertas/algunas/ de "x" obligaciones".

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    Hola, aunque una respuesta un tanto tardía...te sugiero cláusula de vigencia,
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    Welcome to the forum and thank you for your contribution.

    Without context, it's impossible to be sure what is meant. A survival clause in a will (or second-to-die life insurance policy) will undoubtedly refer to one person living longer than another person (e.g., if my wife survives me, then ...). On the other hand, a survival clause in an asset purchase agreement might mean that the representations and warranties will survive the closing (i.e., have legal effect after the closing, often for a specified period of time). A similar meaning is used in real estate contracts to describe whether the promises in the contract will be merged into the deed.

    Perhaps you can provide the context you had in mind when you made your suggestion.

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