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Swedish: läsplator

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by fsm*, May 11, 2013.

  1. fsm* Senior Member

    I believe I heard this on today's episode of Klartext:

    I en del skolor så får eleverna arbeta mycket med datorer och läsplator.

    Can anyone tell me what läsplator are? I can't find it in my dictionary. Thanks.
  2. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    The word is misspelled. It should be "läsplattor", and means "e-book readers".
  3. fsm* Senior Member

    Tack så mycket Ben.
  4. jackuppskararen Junior Member

    Uppsala, Suède
    Sometime läsplatta (literally "reading plate", or something like that) is also used to refer to iPads and similar products. That's what I think they mean in the context above; not a product that is only restricted to reading e-books (such as the Amazon kindle), but the more advanced products that are more precisely referred to as "surfplattor" sometimes.
  5. fsm* Senior Member

    Thanks, jackuppskararen. That's very useful to know. I found a DN article from 2010 about the introduction of Apple's iPad, and they use the word läsplatta to describe the new device:

    Med läsplattan ska användaren kunna förvänta sig samma funktioner som med en Ipod och en bärbar dator: internet, film, musik, spel och så vidare. Upplevelsen ska dock, enligt Jobs, vara en helt annan.

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