Swedish: vilken dag var det nu igen

Discussion in 'Nordic Languages' started by Språkliga Möten, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Språkliga Möten Senior Member

    I was reading a cartoon where a wife tells her husband, looking outside a window:

    "Suck! Om det ändå vore sommar! Kommer du ihåg vilken underbar sommar det var i fjol!"

    in which a husband answers:

    "Ja! Vilken dag var det nu igen?"

    What does the husband mean by that?
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  2. JohanIII

    JohanIII Senior Member

    Was that the whole cartoon (strip?)? Something preceding it explaining it?
  3. Dan2

    Dan2 Senior Member

    US English
    Might it be an exaggeration on the part of the husband? "You refer to the wonderful summer we had last year, but our summers are so short they last only a day, so..., What day exactly was it now that you are referring to?"

    That was my initial understanding.
  4. Ben Jamin Senior Member

    The Norwegian version of this joke goes as follows: "Husker du sommeren i fjor? Nei, jeg var på toalettet da". (Huske = minnas, komma ihåg).
  5. bicontinental Senior Member

    English (US), Danish, bilingual
    Ahhh, yes...those long, wonderful, warm Scandinavian summers!! ;)

  6. dekkers New Member

    Yeah, it's definitely referring to how short the Swedish summers are. :)

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