1. alicia4321

    alicia4321 New Member

    english U.S.A.
    does "tet a tet" mean a sort of head to head conversation? does it refer to serious discussion or light back-and-forth conversation? merci beaucoup!
  2. LaureUSA Member

    Los Angeles
    France, French
    a "tête à tête" is a conversion, most of the time serious, between 2 persons, but it can be used in a more light manner like "tête à tête amoureux" (a conversation between 2 persons in love). It depends on the context.
  3. alicia4321

    alicia4321 New Member

    english U.S.A.
    thanks, Laura!
  4. czhellemoone

    czhellemoone Member

    "tête à tête" is commonly used in journalism. may i know it's proper pronunciation?

  5. grijalvo New Member

    my teacher in english said it is pronounce like this ..tetatey
  6. «oregonian» Member

    Better ask a French teacher, not an English one.
  7. FEA Member

    "Tête" means head in French and is pronounced "tet". So the right pronunciation would be tet-a-tet with a pause between each syllable since we are talking about three words put together.
  8. OLN

    OLN Senior Member

    Alsace, France
    French - France, ♀

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