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    Is there any rule for weather to use tai or vai when I want to mean "or"?
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    If not asking a question, you always use tai.

    When asking a question, tai is used to ask a yes-no-question, whereas vai is used to ask a question with multiple options you have to pick from:

    Menetkö huomenna vai ylihuomenna? -> Will you go tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?
    Menen huomenna. (I'll go tomorrow.)
    Menen ylihuomenna. (I'll go the day after tomorrow.)

    Menetkö huomenna tai ylihuomenna? -> Will you go either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow?
    Menen. -> I will (go). (I'll go either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.)
    En mene. -> I won't (go). (No, I'll go for example today, or three days from now.)

    Haluatko kahvia vai teetä? -> Which would you like, coffee or tea?
    Haluatko kahvia tai teetä? -> Would you like coffee or tea? (Asking if the person wants to drink either of them, not which one they want to drink.)

    Oletko käynyt Britanniassa tai Ranskassa? -> Have you been to Britain or France?
    Oletko käynyt Britanniassa vai Ranskassa? -> Which one have you been to, Britain or France?
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    Thank you so much! :)

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