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  1. Pitt Senior Member


    I have a question about tamam öyle. This is the context:

    1 Buyurun.
    2 Iki çay lütfen ve bir soğuk bira.
    1 Hemen. - Buyurun.
    2 Ne kadar?
    1 Üç yetmiş.
    2 Buyurun, dört lira. Tamam öyle.
    1 Teşekkür ederim.
    2 Bir şey değil.

    Is tamam öyle correct? Are other possibilities with the same meaning?

    Yardımınız için teşekkür ederim.
  2. snoopymanatee

    snoopymanatee Senior Member

    Merhaba Pitt.

    "Tamam öyle." in that context does not mean anything to me.

    By looking the next sentences, I can say that "Tamam öyle." can be replaced by "Üstü kalsın." which means "Keep the change."
  3. shafaq Senior Member

    According my understanding; here "tamam öyle" means remainder 30 krş is quitted up as tip. If this is the case; "üstü kalsın !" would more appropriate.
  4. spiraxo

    spiraxo Senior Member

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    Hi Pitt,

    Tamam (öyle) is one of the tipping phrases. I personally prefer tamam (öyle) while the employee prepares the amount to be returned. By the way, eye contact is necessary.

    Üstü kalsın is correct but, “in my opinion”, is a little bit pretentious phrase.

  5. Pitt Senior Member

    Çok teşekkürler! :)

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