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  1. Majacaj New Member

    Hi, can someone explain me what "Tauschaktivität" means? If someone can replace it with a synonym, that would be great.
    Thanks :)

    • Der Außenhandel eines Landes sind diejenigen "Tauschaktivitäten" von Gütern, die über geographische bzw. Staatsgrenzen hinausgehen.
  2. grafkoks Banned

    the exchange of goods
  3. bearded man

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    Normally, in (international) trade, what you receive for your goods is money, and not other goods.
    'Exchange of goods' reminds of barter (Tauschhandel). It is a good translation of the German word in the original sentence, but then it is my opinion that the definition of 'Außenhandel' as 'Tauschaktivitäten von Gütern' is incomplete or not correct in the first place.

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