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  1. Vitalore Senior Member

    Portuguese - Brazil
    I've seen both the partitive and the accusative being used as objects of the verb tavata. Is there, after all, a difference between:
    • Käyn tapaamassa häntä
    • Käyn tapaamassa hänet

  2. Grumpy Old Man Senior Member

    I cannot think of a context in which 'hänet' would work.
  3. altazure Member

    "Käyn tapaamassa hänet" implies to me a (quick) visit or meeting made only out of obligation, because you feel you have to; it gives the visit a somewhat mechanical or technical feel. The expression is quite non-standard, though.

    For example,
    "Isoisäni on sairaalassa, joten kai minun pitää käydä tapaamassa hänet kotimatkalla."

    But "tapaamassa häntä" would work just as fine.
  4. Hakro

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    Finnish - Finland
    To my ear this sounds absolutely incorrect. Only "tapaamassa häntä" would work here, in my opinion.

    Instead, "hänet" would be correct in certain cases, for example:
    - Tapaan hänet kello kolmelta.
    - Isoisäni on kotonaan, joten tapaan hänet käydessäni siellä.

    But in a negative sentence it's always "häntä":
    - En tapaa häntä tänään.
    - Isoisäni on sairaalassa, joten en tapaa häntä vähään aikaan.

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