TEC Traumatismo encéfalo craneano cerrado

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    Hola a todos!

    ¿Pueden decirme cómo se dice "TEC cerrado" en inglés?, (es decir, "Traumatismo Encefalo Craneano cerrado).
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    Closed Head Injury (màs comun)
    Closed Brain Injury
  3. sinclair001

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    Closed cranioencephalic trauma
    Esta referencia es para cranioencephalic trauma

    Me llamó la atención closed brain injury y hay una referencia interesante en New England Journal of Medicine
    NEJM -- Traumatic Brain Injury in the War Zone[SIZE=-1]Warden said the true proportion is probably higher, since some cases of closed brain injury are not diagnosed promptly. In the Vietnam War, by contrast, ...[/SIZE]

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    Chile - español

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