tell somebody one's mind

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    Does "I told her my mind" mean anything? and if yes could it mean the same as "I told her what I thought"? Thanks.
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    The usual idiomatic English expression is "I gave her a piece of my mind". "I told her my mind" sounds a bit awkward.
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    Hi spiakie,

    you can say

    "I spoke my mind" --> I was open/honest about what I was thinking (even if it was difficult to hear for the other person)
    "I gave her a piece of my mind" --> similar to "speak one's mind" but with even more bluntly, implying you're almost reprimanding the other person.

    I think that "I told her my mind" could get the message across, in context (I found an example in S. Richardson's Clarissa-1784!), but "I told her what I thought" is definitely clearer and more idiomatic.
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    Thank you very much for your help!

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