temer vs. tener miedo (de)

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    ¿Cuándo usted utiliza tener miedo (de) en vez de temer para expresar miedo?
  2. michin

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    Temer y tener miedo tienen el mismo significado, aunque se podría decir que temer es más "elegante" que "tener miedo".
    Por ej:
    Temo al coche
    Tengo miedo al coche
    Ambas oraciones significan lo mismo. Sin embargo, temer tiene otro significado, como "sospechar o creer". Por ej: Temo que lo que está diciendo sea una mentira (es decir, sospecho que lo que está diciendo sea mentira).
  3. scorpio1984 Senior Member

    catalan and spanish
    I was wondering how I can express these two different meaning in English, because the dictionary says the same translation for both meaning, and I need to know how I can express this difference in English, because if I say "I'm afraid ..." I don't know which of these two meanings the english person will understand. I will give you two examples:

    -Me temo que no vendrá ( = creo que no vendrá)
    -Tengo miedo de que se olvide de mi cumpleaños (me da miedo que eso pase)

    thank you
  4. The Prof

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    If you wanted to avoid any possible ambiguity in your translation of the first sentence, you could say something along the lines of: "I have a feeling (that) he won't come", or "I think that he might not come". However, it would be perfectly normal to translate it as, "I'm afraid (that) he might not come/won't come". It is generally the surrounding context which makes the intended meaning clear.

    The second sentence could be translated using "I'm frightened that/worried that/afraid that... ", but again, I think we depend largely on context for the overall meaning!

    I'm sorry - that is not very useful, is it!
  5. scorpio1984 Senior Member

    catalan and spanish
    yes, it is useful, don't worry! by the way, can't I say "I have THE feeling that...." instead of "I have A feeling that ...."? I have always said so and I thought it was right.... :p thank you
  6. The Prof

    The Prof Senior Member

    I think that both are ok - you've got me wondering about my own English now! :D
  7. scorpio1984 Senior Member

    catalan and spanish
    many thanks :)

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