1. Franklin91 Member

    ¿alguien sabe cómo se dice ese rango militar en inglés?
  2. blue-eyes

    blue-eyes Senior Member

    English - Spain
    Hola Franklin

    Es Lieutentant-Colonel para los brits, y Lieutenant Colonel para los americanos
    si necesitas más rangos, encuentras todo en rangos

  3. Franklin91 Member

    muchas gracias, es que necesitaba saberlo para la clase de historia de mañana.
  4. blue-eyes

    blue-eyes Senior Member

    English - Spain
    My pleasure, Franklin
  5. beardouk Senior Member

    La Habana, Cuba
    English, from England
    And of course lieutenant is prounounced leftenant by us Brits and lootenant by the yanks.
  6. Franklin91 Member

    thank you!!
  7. bailagirl New Member

    ?algien sabe el abreviación por teniente coronel?
  8. delhi Senior Member

    Córdoba, Argentina
    Spanish, Argentina
    Hi, Bailagirl, welcome to the forum!

    The abbreviation is Lt. Col.
    It's higher than Major, lower than Colonel.
  9. bailagirl New Member

    Thanks... but is it the same in Spanish? I am trying to prepare wedding announcements in english and spanish, I know it is Lt. Col in english, but en espanol?

    Thanks again!
  10. abeltio Senior Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    Tte. Cnel.
  11. bailagirl New Member

    Thanks for the information! Just in time :) We are ordering the invites today!
  12. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox Senior Member

    Argentine Patagonia
    UK - English
    and just for the record, "Colonel" is pronounced "kernel" by both Brits and yanks :)

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