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terminaciones de las palabras

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Grammar / Gramática Español-Inglés' started by asm, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. asm Senior Member

    New England, USA
    Mexico, Spanish
    Is there any software/dictionary that allows you to look for words depending on their end rather than the beginning? I mean, a search tool that allows you to find words that end with -dad, -er, -or, etc.
    Do you know any resource that you can use to find/sort words "backwards"?

  2. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

    High Navarre
    Uno en español y otro en inglés, pero me temo que no son on-line:

    A reverse dictionary is a dictionary organized in a non-standard (i.e., non-alphabetical) order that provides the user with information that would be difficult to obtain from a traditional alphabetized dictionary. For example, A Reverse Dictionary of the Spanish Language[1] and Walker's Rhyming Dictionary[2] are reverse dictionaries, the organization of which is based upon sorting each word based upon its last letter and subsequent letters proceeding toward the beginning of that word. Consequently, in this reverse dictionary all words that have the same suffix appear in order in the dictionary.
  3. asm Senior Member

    New England, USA
    Mexico, Spanish
    Muchas gracias, encuentro la cita varias veces en el internet, pero no llego a encontrar el producto. Estare buscando.
    Pienso que esto ha de ser muy sencillo desde el punto de vista informatico.


  4. andylopez

    andylopez Senior Member

    Madrid, Spain
    Spanish - Castellano
    Claro que lo es, pero para ello hay que tener las entradas del "diccionario" completamente digitalizadas. Me consta que alguien digitalizó las casi 100000 palabras del DRAE y las puso en Internet ;)


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