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Terrace Culture

Discussion in 'English Only' started by translation lover, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. translation lover Senior Member

    Hi, I am working on a file for New Look’s Spring/Summer 2013 Menswear collection, can someone please explain what they mean by Terrace culture?? :(

    Fluoro-neons, bright graphic prints and bold block colour are used to revitalise sports apparel, whilst check shirts, nylon jackets and polo tees pay homage to the Terrace Culture of the 1980s.

    Thank you
  2. PaulQ

    PaulQ Senior Member

    English - England
    Terrace Culture - http://www.terraceoriginals.com/pages/british-lad-cultures.html
  3. translation lover Senior Member

    And by terrace they mean the coffee shops? It is the trend of wearing sportswear on the terraces, did I get it right?
  4. fdb Senior Member

    Cambridge, UK
    French (France)
    No, it is about football terraces, where the spectators sit (and get into fights).
  5. fdb Senior Member

    Cambridge, UK
    French (France)
    or rather: "unroofed tiers around a football pitch on which the spectators stand", as our dictionary puts it.

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