Terrifica mira pulchraque es.

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  1. voodooaria New Member

    I am a woman and would like to get "you are terrifying and strange and beautiful: tattooed on me. Would "Terrifica mira pulchraque es" be a correct translation, or is there a better one? It is from the following poem:

    you are a horse running alone
    << Excessive quotation removed. >>
    you are terrifying
    and strange and beautiful

    something not everyone knows how to love.
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  2. fdb Senior Member

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    You are a woman, but what about the "you" in your quotation?
  3. voodooaria New Member

    It refers to a woman as well.
  4. Scholiast

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    terrifica, mira, pulchra

    But it lacks rhetorical pungency, and a better tricolon would be mira, pulchra, terrifica.

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