The face is the mirror of the soul

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  1. Anitta27 Member

    How can I say in greek:
    "The face is the mirror of the soul, in your case this cliché is fulfilled. I thought you were beautiful then and I think you are beautiful now."(We are talking about a woman-for the gender of the word "beautiful"-).

  2. Andrious Senior Member


    Το πρόσωπο είναι ο καθρέφτης της ψυχής - στην περίπτωσή σου αυτό το κλισέ / στερεότυπο εκπληρώνεται. Σε έβρισκα όμορφη τότε και σε βρίσκω όμορφη και τώρα.

  3. Anitta27 Member

    Thank you very much Andrious!!
  4. Tassos

    Tassos Senior Member

    In case the recipient of the compliment is male.

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