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"The moral was clear to me"

Discussion in 'Português (Portuguese)' started by kriterio_abroad_uk, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. kriterio_abroad_uk Senior Member

    Évora, Portugal
    Brasil / Portugal - Portuguese
    Será que posso traduzir à letra?

    The moral was clear to me. > A moral estava clara para mim. Acho que deve haver uma tradução mais elegante.

    o contexto:

    It was no surprise to me that one of the first acts of the incoming acts of the incoming Labour Government in 1964 was to make the change for which I had been arguing, and to get credit too. The moral was clear to me: bureaucratic logic is no substitute for ministerial judgement. Forget that as a politician, and the political "repercussions" will be on you.

    muito obrigada,
  2. uchi.m

    uchi.m Senior Member

    Redeeming limbo
    Brazil, Portuguese
    O motivo, talvez?
  3. mglenadel

    mglenadel Senior Member

    Rio de Janeiro
    Brazilian Portuguese
    "Moral da história" é uma forma bem comum de se dizer isso em português.
  4. Carfer

    Carfer Senior Member

    Paris, France
    Portuguese - Portugal
    Efectivamente. Talvez a frase não soe tão deselegante se modificar a ordem das palavras: 'Para mim, a moral da história era clara:'

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