the well of the courtroom

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    I just came across this typical courtroom phrase:

    What would be the best translation for it; does it refer just to the people sitting by the defense and the prosecution, or every person in the courtroom? Thank you.

    Will the people in the well of the courtroom please stand?
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    I was curious myself and googled it - there is already a thread here in which someone else asked the same question.

    Interesting....I've never heard that term used before. You learn something new everyday!

  3. beya

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    The link was very useful, thank you.

    Podrian las personas en el banco de la sala del tribunal, levantarse?
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    Pero "the well" es mas que el banco.
    Creo que el juez les está pidiendo a varias personas que se pongan de pie (a las dos mesas donde se encuentran los abogados, fiscales y el acusado). Alguien anteriormente dijo "Los estrados", creo que esa expresion es mejor, sin ser exacta tampoco.
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