There's just something about Italian food

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Random83, May 23, 2011.

  1. Random83 Junior Member


    After having had dinner in an Italian restaurant a woman says:

    There's just something about Italian food, but I can't believe how much I ate. It was so good.

    What does the expression in bold mean? I was thinking of

    C'è qualcosa di strano nella cucina italiana, ma non riesco a credere di aver mangiato così tanto. Era tutto buonissimo.

    What do you think about it?
  2. joanvillafane Senior Member

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    Hi, Random. I don't think it means anything particularly "strano" - maybe something "special" is closer to the meaning.
    The French have a way of saying this which we also use in English: a certain je ne sais quoi. I don't know how you would express that in Italian.
  3. anglomania1

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    Hi there,
    you're quite close, but I think that "strano" is a bit strong.
    The meaning is "la cucina italiana ha un certo non so che ..." - non so se si dice in italiano. Vuol dire che c'è qualcosa della cucina italiana, che non sai descrivere, che ti fa mangiare così tanto.
    Più che "strano" direi "buono"!!!:D
  4. Matrap

    Matrap Est Mod In Rebus

    Abruzzo, Italy

    Direi:"C'è un certo non so che nella cucina italiana..."
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  5. Gianfry

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    Praticamente allo stesso modo: "un certo non so che" :)
    Quel "but" però mi sembra che stoni un po'. Mi sbaglio?

    Ops, sono arrivato ultimo...
  6. joanvillafane Senior Member

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    Absolutely, right, Gianfry. That "but" seems to be out of place. It's exactly the "non so che" that makes me want to eat a lot!
  7. Random83 Junior Member

    Grazie a tutti!! Avevo pensato a strano perche lei dice "but"...
  8. Random83 Junior Member

    Ecco appunto... ho letto in ritardo gli ultimi due commenti :p

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