This world, Pandora, has been protected million years

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    Please, I need help. I belong to a Staff that is working on a video (made by amateurs) in which they appear Japanese sentences. Our translator is having problems, so I need help...The sentences are as follows (please, translate with Kanji if possible):

    -This world, Pandora, has been protected million years.
    -Destiny and time, only have been excuses for balance.
    -This world wants sacrifices, people who want to love him.
    -People who want to be immortal, people that fight these two wicked substances.
    -People who will not have fear to the madness of Pandora.
    -Yes, it's time to look for that sacrifice...

    People wanting to help us, if you want, we will put your name as a collaborator of the video.


    PD: The phrases can be translated by others of the same style.
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    I might mistranslate it.

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