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  1. agus1985 New Member

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    ¿¿Cómo se dice: "Thomas' house" o "Thomas's house"?? ¿La "s" se evita siempre que el sustantivo termina en s? ¿O sólo cuando el sustnantivo es plural?
    ¡Gracias! Saludos.
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  2. zumac Senior Member

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    Welcome to the forum, Agus.

    The formation of the possessive of proper names ending in an s, z, or x sound varies in practice. Some writers add only the apostrophe; some prefer the apostrophe and s.

    When the addition of the apostrophe and s results in an unpleasant succession of s or z sounds (conscience's sake or Sophocle's plays, for example), the apostrophe alone is preferable.

    "A Complete Guide To Good Writing" by New York University.

  3. agus1985 New Member

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    Just preferabe? So should both be correct anyway?
    Thanks for your help!!
  4. Arthur Harold Kane New Member

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    If you're writing for a specific person (e.g. a teacher), you may want to check with them what they prefer. There seems to be a modern trend toward writing it as Thomas's and not Thomas'. But you will see both, and both are correct.
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  5. agus1985 New Member

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    I'm working as a teacher (which I'm not), and I have to correct the childrens' folders... and I got stuck on that! Thanks again!! You helped me a lot!
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  6. mrbob Junior Member

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    Thomas's is correct based on modern usage. And the extra "s" is pronounced: tho-ma-ses.

    And it's children's not childrens'.
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  7. Thomas1

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    I was taught to use 's, Thomas's.

    I am not sure I would use one for boss, though.
  8. agus1985 New Member

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    Haha, "childrens' " was only a typing mistake... Thanks to all of you!
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  9. chamyto

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    In this case, as it is a proper noun , both of them are correct

    Thomas´ or Thomas´s

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