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to ship collect

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by rufo.a, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. rufo.a Senior Member

    Castellano, Argentina
    Hola a todos.

    Estoy con una traducciòn al español de un contrato de distribuciòn y tengo dudas sobre mi interpretación de "to ship collect" en la siguiente oración:

    The method and agency of transportation, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, will be selected by Seller and Seller reserves the right to ship collect.

    El método y la agencia de transporte, salvo que se haya acordado de otra manera por escrito, serán seleccionados por el Vendedor quien se reserva el derecho de cobrar el envío.

    Les agradecería sus sugerencias.
  2. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

    SF Bay Area, California
    American English
    I can't help with the Spanish, but I can with the English, just to make sure you understand it. To ship collect means that the shipper does not pay for shipping. The recipient pays for the shipping upon delivery, and if the recipient doesn't pay, the shipment is returned to the shipper. This protects the shipper from having to pay shipping charges in advance.

    In the US, a collect call is similar. The person receiving the call agrees to pay the phone company for the long-distance charges. Per my dictionary, that is llamada a cobro revertido.

    Espero que te ayuda.
  3. rufo.a Senior Member

    Castellano, Argentina
    Cristal clear!! thanks a lot.
  4. Kibramoa

    Kibramoa Senior Member

    Deep South, U.S.A.
    Spanish - MX
    En este sitio lo denominan: flete por cobrar

    En este otro sitio: envío por cobrar.

  5. litiga8or

    litiga8or Senior Member

    Oregon, USA
    Rainy Oregon! USA
    In the U.S., we say "to ship C.O.D." (cash on delivery). I've never heard of shipping "collect."
  6. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

    SF Bay Area, California
    American English
    COD is different. With COD, the recipient has to pay for the goods themselves, not simply the shipping cost. COD, by the way, also stands for "collect on delivery" (to take into account that cash is used less and less these days).

    The more common term is "freight collect."

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