to stop + to V / Ving (gerund or infinitive) ?

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  1. lengimp Senior Member

    Spanish - Colombia
    1 I stopped smoking
    2 I stopped to smoke

    éstas frases tienen un significado diferente, por que son diferentes
    cuál es la diferencia entre la Número 1 y 2

    se los agrdezco de ante mano
    qué estén muy bien .
  2. stevea Senior Member

    UK English
    Sentence 1 - means once I smoked but now I no longer smoke
    Sentence 2 - means I stopped in order to smoke
  3. lengimp Senior Member

    Spanish - Colombia
    thank you, now is really clear
  4. vchicaiz Junior Member

    Ecuadorian Spanish
    Hi everybody, I need help with a topic, I don't what's the difference between "stop +verb+ing" and "stop + infinitive with to". I show some examples:

    They usually study for half an hour and then stop to call their friends or watch TV.

    Maybe it's time to stop testing how much children remember.

    1. How can I use them?
    2. Could you help me a lot if anybody can translate to Spanish that sentences to undertand better?

    Thanks for your help
  5. Sprachliebhaber Senior Member

    USA English
    They stop to call their friends = paran/se detienen para llamar a sus amigos.
    They stop calling their friends = dejan de llamar a sus amigos.
  6. borgonyon

    borgonyon Modus Vivendi

    Shreveport, Louisiana
    Mexican Spanish
    Estoy de acuerdo con Sprachliebhaber.

    En el segundo caso:
    Maybe it's time to stop testing how much children remember.

    Es "dejar de examinar/poner a prueba/experimentar"; a mi ver, en español el gerundio no se aplica todo el tiempo de la misma manera que en inglés
  7. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

    High Navarre
    Parar (dejar lo que se está haciendo) para llamar
    Dejar de examinar
    They stopped to smoke (pararon para fumar: dejaron lo que estaban haciendo para fumar)
    They stopped smoking (dejaron de fumar)

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