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Tu brûles ! (tu es très proche)

Discussion in 'French-English Vocabulary / Vocabulaire Français-Anglais' started by Fab!, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Fab!

    Fab! Senior Member

    Hello everybody,

    How could I translate the French common phrase "tu brûles" " which could mean "you're about to".

    Thanks in advance!
  2. pretreamanger New Member

    English (UK)
    "You're dying to [faire qqch]"?
  3. Fab!

    Fab! Senior Member

    J'ai mal expliqué le contexte. Je parle d'une expression couramment utilisée dans des devinettes notamment (ex : devine ce que j'étais en train de faire à l'instant ?). Pour aider la personne à trouver la bonne réponse, on lui souffle des "tu refroidis" (ta réponse est totalement fausse) ou "tu chauffes" (tu t'approches de la vérité) ou, quand elle est sur le point de trouver : "tu brûles". Est-ce que c'est plus clair ?
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  4. moo bottle Junior Member

    England, English
    "You're almost there!" peut-être? "You're boiling/burning" est un peu mal à l'aise...
  5. Oddmania

    Oddmania Senior Member


    Probablement You're getting warmer.
  6. Fab!

    Fab! Senior Member

    C'est ça! "Getting warmer/colder"

    Merci à tous !
  7. Language Hound Senior Member

    American English
    As a child, I played a game, which apparently goes by many different names, in which a person tried to locate a hidden object.
    As the person got closer or further away from the object, he was told: You're getting warmer or you're getting colder.
    When the person got really far from the object, he was told: You're freezing.
    When the person got really close to the object, he was told: You're getting hotter.
    And, finally, when the person was about to find the object, he was told:
    You're burning up/You're on fire.
  8. Fab!

    Fab! Senior Member

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