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una brusca mínima

Discussion in 'Specialized Terminology' started by goodnewsbunny, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. goodnewsbunny Junior Member

    Uk English
    Hi all,

    More nautical terminology! This is about securing a large, heavy object on a pontoon or boat, and the sentence I'm puzzled by reads:

    "Estas planchas deberán tener un espesor mínimo de 50 mm y deberán aumentar si es que la cubierta del pontón posee alguna brusca mínima".

    I've never seen "brusca" used as a noun before! I did find an entry in the Real Academia dictionary that referred to a "brusca" as a "Regla o medida de compás para el arqueo de baos, palos y vergas," but to be honest I don't really understand that either!

    My attempt

    "These plates should have a minimum thickness of 50 mm and this should be increased if the pontoon deck has any minimal measurements."

    Can anyone help?
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  2. Dianette

    Dianette Senior Member

    Ecuador - native language Spanish
    Hola goodnewsbunny!

    I am not a nautical expert, but by reading the definition you found in the Real Academia dictionary, this means that it would have a little curve or arch; if it is not straight.

  3. goodnewsbunny Junior Member

    Uk English
    Thank you Dianette! That makes perfect sense.

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