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    Please, what do you call an understatement in Turkish?

    An understatement is the opposite of an exaggeration. An example: “It was a little bit naughty of Johnny to put a rat in his friend’s satchel.”

    Of course, it wasn't just a little bit naughty, it was extremely naughty!

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    "Tefrit" is the exact equivalent, though it's kinda Ye Olde Language Turkishe, and nowadays most words of Semitic origin aren't as popular as they once used to be. We rather use "abartı" in everyday speech; it means both "overstatement" and "understatement". Well, more overstatement and less understatement, but we're not known for a fondness for understatement anyways.
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    A modern phrase could be "hafif kaçmak", though I realize it is not a similar wording. Like, "To say Johhny is naughty is an understatement" = "Johnny'nin yaramaz olduğunu söylemek hafif kaçar."
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