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  1. bobek New Member


    I was hoping one of you guys could give me a hand: I have bought something in a second-hand shop, I assume it is a hat, but I have completly no idea what is it called. It has a tag inside, but it is all in Arabic I guess.


    If possible, I would like to know what the tag says. Thanks in advance!

  2. AndyRoo Senior Member


    It's not Arabic. I think it is probably Urdu as I can make out the word Peshawar. It looks to be just the details of the maker or seller (Hassan Mahmoud and Sons).
  3. Hemza Senior Member

    Paris, France
    French, Mor/Hijz Arabic (heritage)
    I confirm, it's not Arabic, because I saw a letter which doesn't exist Arabic "پ"
  4. Moseley Member

    The top line is a name it says (roughly) : Hasan Mahmood and Sons (last two words I'm sure)

    Sorry that's as good (or useless) my Urdu is :/
  5. Hemza Senior Member

    Paris, France
    French, Mor/Hijz Arabic (heritage)
    About the phone number, it begins with "91", it's India.
  6. bobek New Member

    thank you for your help guys!
  7. Moseley Member

    I'm not sure it is, because it's written in the Urdu-styled script.
  8. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    Urdu, indeed it is, although practically all the words are from the English language.

    Hassan Mahmood and Sons
    Chitrali Cap and Waistcoat Merchant
    Chitrali Baazaar, Peshawar Shahr
    Tel: 091-25516020

    Chitral is in Pakistan. Peshawar is a city (shahr) in the north of Pakistan.
  9. Dib Senior Member

    Bengali (India)
    Is that how you'd normally transliterate Waistcoat in Urdu? :eek:
  10. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    Me? No, never!:) This is how I've heard it all my life. I used to think it was a Punjabi or an Urdu word, believe it or not until I realised it was English. Well, if "baaTal" (as perceived by us) can be "botal", why not "vesTkoT", "vaaskaT"?:)
  11. Faylasoof Senior Member

    Plato's Republic
    English (UK) & Urdu (Luckhnow), Hindi
    Yes, indeed! Pronounced as waaskaT! The spelling and pronunciation have been like this for over a century! An alternative is waskaT. For both, we are talking about an "Urduwized" English word.
  12. Dib Senior Member

    Bengali (India)
    Wow! That's interesting.
  13. bobek New Member

    Thank you for your help guys once again. The hat is posted on eBay already.

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