uso compasivo de fármacos

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    Hola a todos/as,

    Es mi primera vez que utilizo el sistema.

    Tengo una duda sobre como traducir : "uso compasivo de fármacos" no sé si sería correcto "compassionate use of drugs"

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    Bienvenido al foro!!!

    Con respecto a tu primera pregunta:

    Uso compasivo de fármacos: Compassive use of medicine

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    muchas gracias!
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    I don´t agree - "compassive" is not even a word in English, to my knowledge. And if you Google "compassive use" AND drugs, you will get only about 8 hits, all from articles by non-native English-speaking (usually Hispanic) authors. However "compassionate use" AND drugs gives you over 72,000 hits, and that is the correct expression.
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    compassionate use trial : A way to provide an investigational therapy to a patient who is not eligible to receive that therapy in a clinical trial, but who has a serious or life-threatening illness for which other treatments are not available. Compassionate use trials allow patients to receive promising but not yet fully studied or approved cancer therapies when no other treatment option exists. Also called expanded access trial.

    Obtenido de Nacional Cancer Institute

    Compassionate Use: General term used to describe any program that provides an experimental therapy outside of clinical trials to patients who do not have any FDA-approved treatment options (for example, HIV-infected individuals who have extensive drug resistance to approved anti-HIV drugs). To enroll in compassionate use programs, an individual has to meet strict medical critera.

    Obtenido de AIDSINFO

    Busca "Compassionate Use" en el PUBMED ( y te conduce a artículos de investigación


    Espero que te sirva
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    De acuerdo con Mado29 y Pequechiña: Se habla de compassionate use.

    No hace falta usar Google; así es como se dice correctamente.

    Un saludito.

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    De acuerdo con todos los puntos. Es una expresión muy común. Y también de acuerdo con Pequechiña: "compassive" no existe.


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    ¡Gracias, Sergio11! :)

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