Utilizo internet para leer el periódico.

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  1. coromoto Senior Member

    Spanish Spain

    Tengo una duda cuando utilizar to use for /to use to /to be for

    what do you use a laptop for?

    I use it for reading newspapers

    I use it to read newspapers

    it is for reading newspaper.

    Gracias por vuestra ayuda.

  2. MNstudent Junior Member

    Did you construct these sentences and are asking for help with them? If you did, then they are all good and equal in meaning. In this case, the infinitive "to read" works in the same place as the gerund phrase "for reading". Unlike the verb "like" which uses either the infinitive or the gerund alone

    I like reading
    I like to read

    the verb "use" and many other verbs in English need a preposition after them. In this case you need "for" before the gerund. Alternatively, you can just use the infinitive, which is more natural in my opinion, but it varies by person.

    I use my computer for writing.
    I use my computer to write.

    "To be for" can be used like "to be used for". Therefore, it always needs the gerund, not the infinitive.

    The oven is for baking (the oven is used for baking) (the oven is used to bake)
    A library card is for borrowing books
    This notebook is for writing notes. It is not to be used for doodling.

    Never say "a library card is for to borrow books" or "a library card is to borrow books" obviously.
  3. coromoto Senior Member

    Spanish Spain

    Estás en lo cierto. Estaba pidiendo ayuda con esas frases porque un profesor de inglés me dijo que el significado era distinto si digo:
    "I knife is for cutting o I use a knife for cutting."

    El dice que, en realidad, debería de decir "I use a knife to cut". Según el, la frase " A knife is for cutting" se refiere al proposito general del objeto (knife), pero ¿cuando se utiliza " I use a knife to cut .."? En resumen, me he quedado con una gran duda y no sabía cual utilizar. Te agradezco tu ayuda y la extensa explicación que me has enviado. A veces los profesores nos confunden un poco. Muchas gracias por la explicación.


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