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    Ciao, ragazzi. Mi domandavo che cosa questa costruzione vuol dire e se è molto usata. Mi impazze adesso da ore..

    Come viene descritto il loro temperamento e come si comportano con i nuovi arrivati?


    How [does it come described] their temperament and how do they act with the new arrivals.

    Miglior inglese...

    How is their temperament described and how do they act to the new arrivals?

    Voglio proprio capire se venire + participio è normale...grazie, amici.
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    It's just another way to express the passive (although it is not always interchangeable with "essere + participle").

    Viene descritto./È descritto. - It is described.

    If I had to describe the difference between the two, I'd say that "venire" emphasizes the action while "essere" emphasizes the result. It's kind of like the difference between "wird beschrieben" and "ist beschrieben" in German (wobei die Unterscheidung im Deutschen strenger ist).

    And yes, it is very common.
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    You're's definetely very common!

    And thanks for the explanation "auf Deutsch" too. :D
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    Hope you don't mind.

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