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Vivi bene, ama molto, ridi spesso

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Gattare, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Gattare New Member

    Denver, Colorado USA
    USA English
    Vivi bene, ama molto, ridi spesso . . . Does this expression mean "Live well, love much, laugh often"?
  2. luway

    luway Senior Member

    Gattare, il tuo dubbio riguarda l'inglese o l'italiano? Are you doubtful about the Italian or the English version?

    (as a title, use the orginal word or expression)
  3. ligavox Junior Member

    I think you're right :thumbsup:
  4. gandolfo

    gandolfo Senior Member

    Back in Roma Roma
    Just a little modification:)

    "Love much" doesn't sound good to me.

    "Live well, love lots, laugh often"
  5. AlabamaBoy Senior Member

    Alabama, USA
    American English
    Gandolfo, I suggested, "love generously" but it might be a bit liberal a translation.
  6. luway

    luway Senior Member

    Vi spiego perché non capivo se la domanda riguardava la correttezza dell'inglese o dell'italiano: sono entrambe corrette. Per l'italiano va da sé (lo so da madrelingua), per l'inglese perché è una 'quote' che circola in rete spesso, ed è scritta proprio così, quindi non andrebbe variata.

    Per cui, a Gattare: se volevi sapere se la traduzione italiana è corretta per quella citazione inglese, sì, lo è.

    Per tutti: ecco una spiegazione sulla sua origine "live well, love much, laugh often"
  7. Gattare New Member

    Denver, Colorado USA
    USA English
  8. Gattare New Member

    Denver, Colorado USA
    USA English
    Thanks very much! I understood that my quote was correct in English and Italian. I tried to read all of your Italian response, but wasn't able to translate all of it. Would you be able to write it again in English, so I could compare it with my translation?

    Mille grazie!

    Gattare :rolleyes:
  9. luway

    luway Senior Member

    Sure :)

    I had written (plus or minus): I'll tell you why I couldn't understand if the question was about the Italian or the English sentence: they are both correct. As for the Italian, I know it (being native); about the English one, because it's a quote that you can often find mentioned on (in? I still have to learn that!) the internet, and it's just worded like that, then it shouln't be changed.

    So, Gattare: if you wanted to know if its translation in Italian of that quote was correct, yes, it is.

    To everybody: here's an explanation about its origin (follows the link to a page where it's explained from where it comes)

  10. GavinW Senior Member

    British English
    Hi Luway! Did you forget the link?

    Also, we say:
    1) on the Internet (that's normally the preferred preposition)
    2) "more or less" (for "più o meno")
  11. luway

    luway Senior Member


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