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Wallpaper (Computer desktop background)

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by canteus, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. canteus

    canteus New Member

    Mexican spanish
    I would like to know what the word is for "wallpaper" and I mean the paper that you set as a background on your computer desk.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. daemang Junior Member

    I think you want to know "브로마이드".
    Look up the word on Naver.
  3. Kross

    Kross Senior Member

    I prefer calling the word "월페이퍼" as prounced in English. And I heard it is also referred to as "배경 화면 그림".
  4. kenjoluma Senior Member

    A background on your "computer desk"?

    You mean, "computer screen", right? Then 배경화면 is probably the best answer you want.
  5. yonh Junior Member

    Microsoft officially translated the English terms into Korean:
    Desktop - 바탕 화면
    Wallpaper - 배경 화면(picture) or 배경 무늬(pattern)

    If you want more translated terms, check out here:

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