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Weaver of Magic

Discussion in 'Lingua Latina (Latin)' started by Nholdamek, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Nholdamek Senior Member

    United States, English

    << Other question has its own thread. >>

    I'd also like to know what the word "weaver" is in Latin, and the phrase "Magic Weaver" or "Weaver of Magic."

    Thanks for your help.
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  2. Hamlet2508 Senior Member

    I'd say textor fascinationis based on

    textor,-oris m.
    for weaver since you've got lanarum textor in Plautus , Horace and others
    fascinatio,-onis f. for magic (see Plin. Nat. 28.35)

    Mind you , one could also use a present participle or a relative clause and come up with more or less the same meaning

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