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Welcome to my home.

Discussion in 'Spanish-English Vocabulary / Vocabulario Español-Inglés' started by Seahawk, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. Seahawk

    Seahawk New Member

    Phoenix, Arizona
    USA / English
    I have seen topics regarding "welcome home" or "welcome back". But nothing about "welcome to MY home". I have a new friend from Mexico who emails that he is happy he is allowed in my home. I want to say, "I do not ALLOW you in my home. I WELCOME you in my home, with open arms, as a friend and as family."

    I thought, perhaps erroneously, that bienvenido had a verb form. But all I can find is "acoger", and a rather formidable looking "darle la bienvenida a" phrase.

    I would greatly appreciate any help translating the sentence above, and also just a standard greeting such as "Welcome to my home." (I think that "Bienvenido a mi casa" would be "Welcome to my home." But I wanted to be sure.)

    Also, this is a very informal relationship. Slang terms would also be fun to know.

    As a first time post, I hope I'm not asking for too much. Thanks in advance to anyone!

  2. Juanele New Member

    La Plata
    Welcome to my home=Bienvenido a mi casa. (It´s OK)
  3. ixoxe

    ixoxe Senior Member

    Rio negro
    Welcome to my home: bienvenido a mi hogar
    Welcome to my house: bienvenido a mi casa
    When he arrives to your house you could say it: Gracias por venir amigo (o su nombre)
    Is it by e-mail or personally?
    Bienvenido es formal e informal, depende el resto de la oración, me entendés?
  4. Terry Mount Senior Member

    U S A
    To welcome someone es "acogerlo" y "darle la bienvenida"...aunque en tu contexto no dirias ni el uno ni el otro.

    Puedes decir o adaptar: "Estás en tu casa." (misma idea que: "Mi casa es tu casa." Podrias decirle para explicar: "Amigo, "permitir" (o "permiso" no tienen nada que ver. Mi casa es tu casa y cuando estás aquí estás en tu casa."

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