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  1. i'm googling it and both options appear to be good, can anyone explain me the difference between saying:

    x is well suited for ....
    x is well suited to ....


    - Tall fescue is well suited for growing in areas between streets and sidewalks

    - This is a part-time job and is well suited to a student at HPU

    - The spin friendly response of this racquet is well suited to hitting angles

    - How well suited is Will Smith for the role of 'Hitch'

    - Further, the majority of the Board believes Dr. Ryan is admirably well suited to this task.

    Thank you
  2. Chris K Senior Member

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    The differences are very subtle and I think many listeners would see no difference at all. But I think the first example should be "to growing," the second should be "for a student," I'm not sure about the third, and the last two are definitely right. I don't know if I can give you a pattern; to me it seems to be a question of style.
  3. eno2

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    Both are good.
  4. James2000 Senior Member

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    I'd agree with Chris. Often one just sounds better than the other, without any good reason (that I can see). I would say the first one is fine with 'for growing', but I think that just goes to show how much of a personal preference it often is.
  5. eno2

    eno2 Senior Member

    El Hierro de Canarias

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